ITEP's 2013 Analyses of Tax Reform Proposals in the States

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2013 was a year like none before when it comes to the scope and sheer number of tax policy plans proposed and enacted in the states.   2014 is likely to be just as busy.  ITEP will closely monitor state tax policy proposals as they develop and provide quick-response analyses to lawmakers, policy advocates, journalists and others to help evaluate the distribution, fairness and revenue impact of any given plan. Most of our completed analyses for 2014 will be posted below:


Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families
Benefits of HB 1585 go mostly to wealthy - March 18, 2013



California Budget ProjectWho Pays Taxes In California? - April 12, 2013



Connecticut Voices for ChildrenLower Than New York's for Everyone but the Poor - April 28, 2013

Connecticut Voices for ChildrenWho Pays Taxes in Connecticut? - April 12, 2013

District of Columbia

Institute on Taxation and Economic PolicyTestimony: Evaluating the Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax Reforms in DC's Bill 20-199 - June 12, 2013


Georgia Budget and Policy InstituteImmigration Reform Would Bolster Georgia's Strained Finances- July 10, 2013

Georgia Budget and Policy InstituteMenu of Revenue Options to Pave Way for Georgia's Rebound - January 28, 2013



Hawai'i Appleseed Center for Law and Economic Justice
Tax Policies That Will Help End Poverty for Hawai'i's Lowest Income Families - January 15, 2013 


Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy5% Cut in Indiana's Income Tax is Stacked in Favor of the Wealthy - April 26, 2013

Institute on Taxation and Economic PolicyIndiana Senate's Income Tax Cut: Just as Lopsided as the Governor's - April 8, 2013

Institute on Taxation and Economic PolicyMost of Indiana Tax Rate Cut Would Flow to Upper-Income Taxpayers - August 27, 2012



Institute on Taxation and Economic PolicyKansas House and Senate Proposals Set the Stage for Tax Hikes on Poor and Middle-Income Families - April 2, 2013

Institute on Taxation and Economic PolicyKansas Governor's New Plan Increases Taxes on Poor Yet Slashes Revenue by $340 Million - February 1, 2013



Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy
Governor Jindal's Tax Plan Would Increase Taxes on Poorest 60 Percent of Louisianans - April 1, 2013

Louisiana Budget ProjectEliminating Louisiana's Income Taxes Will Hurt the State's Economy - 
March 18, 2013

Institute on Taxation and Economic PolicyProposal to Eliminate Income Taxes Amounts to a Tax Increase on Bottom 80 Percent of Louisianans - January 11, 2013



Massachusetts Budget and Policy CenterExamining Tax Fairness - March 12, 2013

Massachusetts Budget and Policy CenterPossible Reforms to the Governor's Tax Plan - March 12, 2013

Massachusetts Budget and Policy CenterEffects of Raising Rates and Exemptions on the State Income Tax  - March 8, 2013



Minnesota Budget ProjectTax Increases Don't Prompt High-Income Households to Move Out of State - April 16, 2013



Montana Budget & Policy Center: Capital Gains Tax Credit - Valuing Wealth Over Work in Montana - March 16, 2013



Missouri Budget Project
Racing to the Bottom - March 8, 2013

Missouri Budget ProjectSenate Ways & Means Tax Cut Would Devastate Services, Infrastructure, and Economy - March 1, 2013



Open Sky Policy Institute
80 percent of Nebraskans would see tax increases if income taxes are cut - February 1, 2013


New Jersey

New Jersey Policy PerspectiveNew Jersey's Undocumented Immigrants Pay Nearly Half a Billion Dollars a Year in State and Local Taxes - July 10, 2013

New Jersey Policy PerspectiveInvest in New Jersey: Improve Our Roads and Bridges - June 26, 2013


New York

Fiscal Policy InstituteImmigration Reform Would Improve Economic Productivity - June 4, 2013

North Carolina

North Carolina Justice CenterThe Math Doesn't Add Up - July 15, 2013

North Carolina Justice CenterNo Protection for Working Families - June 21, 2013

North Carolina Budget & Tax CenterGambling Away Our Future - June 14, 2013

North Carolina Budget & Tax CenterAnalyzing the Impact of Tax Changes - Economic Incidence Analysis a more accurate measure of how taxpayers will fare - June 13, 2013

North Carolina Budget & Tax Center: Key Concerns with House Bill 998 - June 11, 2013

North Carolina Budget & Tax CenterHouse's Flat Income Tax a Windfall for the Wealthy - June 11, 2013

North Carolina Budget & Tax CenterHB 998 is a tax shift: Millionaires will benefit while low-and middle income will pay - June 7, 2013

North Carolina Budget & Tax CenterA Pathway to Poverty - 3 Reasons Why Tennessee is a Bad Role Model for North Carolina's Economic Future - June 3, 2013

North Carolina Budget & Tax CenterNorth Carolina's Tax Shift Saga Continues - May 30, 2013

North Carolina Budget & Tax CenterState EITC is the best tool to reduce an increased tax load on low-income taxpayers - May 17, 2013

North Carolina Budget & Tax CenterFirst Comprehensive Tax Legislation Would Not Protect Low- and Middle-Income Taxpayers from Tax Increases - April 14, 2013

North Carolina Justice CenterProfiles in corporate tax avoidance- Merck - April 11, 2013

North Carolina Justice CenterProfiles in corporate tax avoidance- Duke Energy - April 10, 2013

North Carolina Justice CenterFirst Comprehensive Tax Legislation Would Not Protect Low- and Middle-Income Taxpayers from Tax Increases - April 3, 2013

North Carolina Justice CenterA "Laffable" Plan for Tax Reform - January 23, 2013 

Institute on Taxation and Economic PolicyMore Inaccuracies, Bigger Omissions: Arthur Laffer's Newest Study of Income Tax Repeal Falls Short - January 23, 2013 


Policy Matters OhioTax plan still rewards affluent, leaves some of poorest Ohioans paying more - June 26, 2013

Policy Matters OhioNew plan would cut taxes $6,000 a year on average for Ohio's most affluent - June 25, 2013

Policy Matters OhioIncome-tax cut would favor affluent Ohioans- Middle-income residents on average would get $51 a year - April 22, 2013

Policy Matters OhioSales-tax credit would help low-income Ohioans - April 8, 2013

Policy Matters OhioSmall Investment, Big Difference - March 15, 2013

Policy Matters OhioKasich tax proposal would further tilt tax system in favor of Ohio's affluent - February 7, 2013



Oklahoma Policy InstituteSpeak out against irresponsible tax cuts - April 26, 2013

Oklahoma Policy InstituteWhat's unaffordable? - February 20, 2013

Oklahoma Policy Institute
Governor Fallin’s tax cut would do little to nothing for the average Oklahoman - February 18 , 2013



Oregon Center for Public Policy: The Misguided "Small Business Tax Cut" - April 30, 2013

Rhode Island

Economic Progress InstituteIt is time to turn up volume on silent spending - April 23, 2013

Economic Progress InstituteEnhancing the Economic Security of Low-Income Working Rhode Islanders by Increasing the State's Earned Income Tax Credit Refund - April 11, 2013


Utah FoundationFueling Our Future, 2013-2040 - March 20, 2013

Voices for Utah ChildrenAnalysis of a Three-Part Proposal to Reform Utah's Sales Tax - January 31, 2013



Public Assets InstituteVermont Has Options to Raise Revenue for Smart Investments - March 20, 2013



The Commonwealth InstituteImmigration Reform Generates Revenue - July 10, 2013

The Commonwealth InstituteWhat Would a Cut to the Top Individual Income Tax Rate Mean for Virginians? - May 17, 2013

The Commonwealth InstituteDestination Unknown - April 11, 2013

The Commonwealth InstituteSenate's Version of HB2313 Still Lacks Offsetting Relief Measures - February 21, 2013

The Commonwealth InstituteGovernor's Transportation Tax Hike Hits Low-Income Virginians Hardest - February 21, 2013



Wisconsin Budget Project"Middle Class Tax Cut" Will Mostly Wind up in the Pockets of the Highest Earners - February 21, 2013



This Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP) hosted a phone briefing on December 19, 2012 outlining challenges and solutions with a focus on state tax fairness, and goes into greater depth on fifteen states most likely to undertake major tax overhauls in 2013 (CA, IA, KS, KY, LA, MN, MO, NC, NE, NY, OH, OK, OR, VA, WI).

The briefing materials related to the teleconference are available in PDF form below:

MP3 of Teleconference

Teleconference Agenda

Press Advisory 

Four Major Problems That Good Tax Reform Should Address, and a Myth about Tax Cuts

Quick Guide to Key Trends in 2013 State Tax Policy Debates

Report- State Tax Reform Prospects in 2013

Policy Brief- Tax Principles: Building Blocks of A Sound Tax System